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Wollaston Bridge

The heritage listed Wollaston Bridge, constructed in 1890, is one of Warrnambool's most iconic landmarks.

The bridge is of aesthetic, architectural and historical significance – it is one the oldest cable suspension bridges in Victoria and one of the most striking.

Spanning the Merri River, the bridge was privately funded, which was unusual at the time, and served as the entrance to the Wollaston estate. 

Thirty metres long, the timber bridge is suspended on steel cables and anchored by four steel-capped stone pillars.

The cables used were recycled from the Hawthorn cable car, a cable tram which operated in Melbourne.

A new structure was built in 1967 to cater for vehicles crossing the river, with the Wollaston Bridge now catering exclusively for pedestrians.

As well as being a magnificent structure in its own right, the Wollaston Bridge is an excellent vantage point to see native birds, fish and even platypuses in their natural environment.