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The westernmost point of Lady Bay, the Warrnambool breakwater is as much an attraction it its own right as the activities it helps facilitate.

The breakwater was built between 1874 and 1890 to provide ships with greater protection from the Southern Ocean. At that time, Warrnambool handled more cargo than the Port of Melbourne!

Along the length of the breakwater you can see remnants of the specially built railway line which was used in its construction. The massive 32 tonne concrete blocks used to build the breakwater were transported along this railway.

Today the breakwater is a great place for fishing, offering a sheltered place to sit and wait for the fish to bite. Lines can be cast on the bay side with smaller rods or if you’re chasing bigger fish, surf rods can be used over the ocean side.

Boats can also be launched at the breakwater.

Seals and stingrays are regular visitors to the area and can be seen along the length of the structure while during particularly good whale seasons, you can walk to the end of the breakwater and watch the Southern Rights swim by.