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Victoria’s south-west coast is world famous for surfing, and Warrnambool has its fair share of places to catch a wave.

Unlike some of the crowded and competitive beaches along the coast, surfing in Warrnambool is a relaxed and friendly affair - which after all, is how it should be.

The clear water of Lady Bay has surf spots to suit all experience levels, with its beach breaks generally becoming more challenging the further east you go.

The Main Beach (which has lifeguards during summer) and the Flume are perfect for families and beginners. If you’ve never surfed before, lessons are available from local surf schools.

Grannys Grave is a good intermediate break.

While it’s only for experienced surfers, Logans Beach provides not only steep waves but some pretty unique surf buddies.

During winter, Southern Right whales visit Logans Beach to calve. As a surfer, you’ll have an unparalleled view… just don’t get too close!

The beach break at the Blue Hole is perfect for bodyboarders, while if you prefer stand up paddle boarding, start at the Main Beach and head west towards the breakater.