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Settlement, Engagement & Transition Support (SETS) aims to equip humanitarian entrants and other migrants in their first five years in Australia with the knowledge and skills to settle in our region. Clients are given settlement related information advice, advocacy and assistance to access mainstream services that helps them to plan and meet their own needs.

English Classes:

The Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES) provide the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) to help new migrants learn basic English skills to settle, get a job, study, help your children settle and participate more in day-to-day life in Australia.
The AMEP is available to migrants and humanitarian entrants aged 18 years and over. This includes all permanent visa holders, some temporary visa holders and citizens who previously held an eligible visa. Migrants and humanitarian entrants 15-17 years old can participate in AMEP in some circumstances.

Services Australia:

Assistance such as income support, cheaper health care, or job hunting might be available depending on your visa situation.

Overseas Driving Licence:

If you're visiting Victoria for less than six months you can drive on your overseas driver licence provided it is valid and current.
If you've been living or will be living in Victoria for six months or more you'll need to convert your overseas licence or permit to a Victorian licence.

Emergency Services:

Triple zero (000) is the emergency number for ambulance, police or fire services in Australia. Call 000 if the situation is serious and urgent.