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Infrastructural and technological linkages enable the efficient flow of people, goods, services, information, and resources within a region. This connectivity is a critical factor in promoting economic growth, attracting businesses, and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents. It encompasses both physical and digital connectivity, and local governments play a vital role in fostering and maintaining these connections.

Physical Infrastructure:

Efficient Transportation Network: WCC has successfully invested in expanding local roads, highways and public transportation, ensuring seamless movement of goods and convenient access to job opportunities for our community.

Reliable Utilities: WCC's commitment to collaborating with local authorities, has ensured a reliable supply of water, electricity, and telecommunications infrastructure, empowering local businesses to function efficiently, with uninterrupted access to these essential utilities.

Thriving Industrial Parks: WCC has spearheaded the development of purpose built industrial and business parks, strategically located with access to critical transportation and utilities. These parks have not only attracted new businesses but also encouraged existing ones to expand and contribute to the region's economic growth.

Strategic Zoning and Land Use Policies: Through thoughtful zoning and land use policies, WCC has promoted the development of commercial and industrial zones while preserving the integrity of residential areas. This approach has created a well-balanced and prosperous community.

Digital Connectivity:

Broadband Internet: Access to high-speed internet is crucial for businesses to compete in the modern economy. Warrnambool is positioned to enjoy access to a digital connectivity supply stream suitable for all private and business applications.